4-17 July 2010. 9th VISEGRAD SUMMER SCHOOL (Villa Decius, Cracow)

The programme of the ninth edition of the Visegrad Summer School includes debates on current political, cultural and social challenges in the global and European perspective, e.g. extremism, migration issues, Eastern Partnership, environmental protection, energy security policy, climate crisis and also regional and Euroatlantic cooperation. Global poverty, stabilizing missions at Afghanistan, Balkans and Africa will also be discussed. An important part of the democracy section are lectures on the integration role of countries and a presentation of the regional responsibility for global problems. Students apply the theoretical knowledge in practical activities during workshops – they develop, political, social and cultural projects that aim at establishing collaboration between them and their countries. On the weekend participants will be invited for study visits to borderlands of Malopolska region. Students will also attend artistic events and learn about the culture of Krakow.