27 March. LISZT AT KNOTZ – A special koncert in the frame of the 9th Spring of the Hungarian Film

Sfogato Music & Arts Society and Ars Cracow Cinema Center are pleased to invite you to the music and arts Liszt Soirée at Reduta Hall on the occasion of the 200th Birthday Anniversary of Franz Liszt.
The Hungarian pianist and composer, Chopin ’s friend, during his stay in Cracow in 1843, gave three concerts. Two of them, on 26 and 27 March 1843 took place  at Knotz Hall – located in the house then named Under the Hungarian King, so called Knotz tavern, later renamed the ballroom of the Saxon Hotel – which is now in the building of the Ars Cracow Cinema Centre.
On 27 March 2011, at 7:30 p.m., exactly on the 168th anniversary of Liszt’s concert in Cracow, at Reduta Hall of Ars Cracow Cinema Center (6 Św. Jana St) the Liszt Soirée will be held. During this music and arts  evening the artists will introduce the history of Knotz tavern, present the figure  of the Hungarian pianist and composer, his relationships with Cracow and Poland and recall witness accounts of those exceptional events for the City of Cracow. There will be, of course, the music of Franz Liszt heard from the recordings in the interpretation of Marek Polanski – violin, Marta Polanska – piano, Anna  Filimowska-Wolfinger – soprano (as well as live solo violin pieces). Liszt’s compositions will be also heard from the recordings of Alexei Sultanov – the pianist who died in 2005, the winner of the 8th International Van Cliburn Piano Competition in Fort Worth, Texas (USA) and the highest prize winner and Audience Award winner at the 13th International Frederic Chopin

Piano Competition in Warsaw in 1995.

Artists that take part in this project:Marek Polanski – violin, recitation

Marta Polanska – piano, introductory word/speach

Anna Filimowska-Wolfinger – soprano

Alexei Sultanov – piano (1969-2005)

Anna Buczkowska – recitation

Lukasz Kozub – recitation


Sfogato Music & Arts Society

Ars Cracow Cinema Center

Artistic director of the project: Marta Polanska


Reduta Hall, Ars Cracow Cinema Center, 6 Sw. Jana St., at 7:30 p.m.

Information: www.ars.pl www.sfogato.org

Tickets: 6 zł (If  you buy a ticket for a film at 9 pm, during the 9th Hungary Film Spring, ticket for Soirée: 4 zł. Moreover, the participants of the Soirée can win 5 double tickets for the movie at 9 pm).